When you’re on a quest you need your trusty backpack full of nifty resources and tools to make the journey easier. Here’s a list of some of the best tools I like to keep in my backpack.

Un-Managed Packages

Note: All un-managed packages are provided as-is and without warranty or support. That said, if something goes wrong I’m happy to try and assist you if you email me or @mentioned me on Twitter (@Jamesgoerke).

Inactive Owners – This package consists of custom formula fields that will help System Administrators report on which Leads, Cases, Opportunities, Activities, Accounts, and Contacts have inactive owners.


Activity Closed Within the Same Week – This package consists of custom formula fields, workflow rules, and custom fields that calculate whether an activity Due Date and the Date the Activity was actually closed were within the same calendar week as one another.


Contact – No longer at Company V1.0 – This package helps Admins give their users a quick and easy way to update contacts that they are no longer at the company which also updates the last name field for quick reference as well as the Email Opt Out field.